One of the most useful items I have

A toddler pool. No joke, I have used this almost every day for over a year.The family I work for purchased this pool last summer for the kids but we didn’t end up using it much for water as they were under 1 year old. It made sense that we put their growing toy piles in there because they couldn’t yet move it around or tip it over to crawl on like they were doing with the baskets we previously had their toys in. When I started bringing curriculum, I used it first with our pumpkin unit so they could play with pumpkin guts indoors without ruining the carpet. Now I use this pool all of the time!pool

We use it as a toy box that kids climb in and out of. They are old enough to help clean up their toys so this makes its easy for them.

We use it as a ball pit.


We use it for sensory play. It makes clean up super easy!

Lastly, we use it for water play and pool time.


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