INA 2018 Review

I’ve been home from conference for about a week and I must admit, I miss it already.

One of the main reasons I joined the International Nanny Association was for professional development. The knowledge and skills that I have gained through  INA Conference are invaluable.  My favorite sessions this year were Traveling With Children by Helen McCarthy and Infant Gut Health by Courtney Gibson.

Helen McCarthy is a wonderful British nanny who currently serves on the board of directors and was named the INA’s Nanny of the Year in 2016. I feel very blessed to know her and be able to call her a friend. Her session was well thought out, informative , and presented in an easy to understand manner.

Courtney Gibson is an expert on newborn care and owns Gibson Newborns Services. I met her for the first time this year and was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge of infants and feeding problems. I feel like her session could have been longer as there is so much great info on gut health. If she would have been given at least two hours, I am confident that her session would have been even better and it was already a very informative session.

Conference isn’t just about classes, the INA has 3 different awards that they give out each year, The NOTY(Nanny of the year, The Meritorious Service Award, and the Service pin.

The NOTY is given to an INA nanny who is a leader in the industry and exemplefies the nanny profession in a positive manner. This Years Nanny of the Year is Jill Griffin.

The Meritorious Service Award is given to an individual or individuals who has devoted their personal time and resources to better the INA. This year, there were two recipients, Karen Yatsko and Susan Tokayer.

The Service Award pin is given to INA members for their years of service in the industry.  There were several recipients this year for varying years of service. There is a bar to add to the pin for every 5 years of service. My friend Cindy received her 15 year pin this year. She is an amazing nanny and friend.


I may have joined the INA for professional development but what I found was supportive community, and have made many friends over the years. My 2 best friends that I met are because of conference and now we room together every year. Unfortunately, we didn’t take a picture of just the 3 of us together this year, but here are some of my favorite pictures of us from past conferences.

Every year, the INA provides optional group dinner opportunities. These are more intimate and you are able to meet and get to know people better. I went to 2 of them this year.

I had a table to share The Planned Nanny again. It gave me the opportunity, to talk with many nannies and also do a fun give away.

A few more things we did was eat s’mores  cups from a place in Pheonix called Toasted Mallow, grabbed drinks by the pool, and hung out on the deck enjoying the warm evening weather.

I encourage anyone who is considering attending INA conference in the future, take the leap and go. It is scary at first when you don’t know anyone but there are resources and opportunities provided every year to met and connect with other nannies and industry professionals.


I took this picture from my window seat as I was flying back to Seattle.


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