“Get Messy”

One of my favorites shows growing up was The Magic School Bus. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen every episode multiple times. I always loved when Ms. Frizzle would exclaim “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.” It’s a statement that gives you permission to explore the world the world around you. I try to keep that in mind when planning activities for my charges.

Last month our theme was “spring”. To go along with our theme, we repotted some lavender plants. I bought a potting soil that has moisture control so that it’s difficult to over or under water. Personally, I tend to kill plants so am hoping this soil helps with that.

I have two, one and a half year old toddlers and they spent around 30 minutes on this activity and absolutely loved doing it.

We used the following materials:

  1. Moisture Control Potting Soil
  2. Two Lavender Plants
  3. Two Pots
  4. Two Bucket and Shovel Sets
  5. Two Watering Cans

I put all of the materials in a kitty pool on the deck as the deck is secure but the yard is not fenced in. With two toddlers, I didn’t want to risk anyone running in the road. Had the yard been fenced in, I would have skipped using the kitty pool.

I let the kids play in the dirt for several minutes before we started actually repotting the plants. They filled their pots half way,  put the plants in, cover the plants with dirt, then helped me water each plant. After that they went back to playing with dirt.


The kids love their plants and are constantly trying to pull them out of their pots. We are still learning how to use the watering cans as they often tip the can backward and spill more water on themselves than in the plant.

I highly recommend gardening with small kids in any way you can.

*I know that their binkies are covered in dirt, rest assumed, they were sanitized after this activity.

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