Why INA?

My personal top 5 reasons why I joined the International Nanny Association and why I continue to stay a member.


1.) Professional Development

I first heard of the International Nanny Association when I was looking for nanny specific education. At the time, I had already been a nanny for several years, worked in several different states as a live-in and all of my childcare education was daycare specific. I was looking to improve myself and become the best nanny that I could possibly be. When I found the association, I joined right away because there was a conference.


2.) Community

In 2013, I went to my first INA conference. The Entire experience was amazing. I met nannies who had been in the industry successfully for more than 15 years(many even longer), nannies who were brand new to the industry, and nannies, like me, who had been around for a few years and had the desire to stay in this industry for as long as possible. I remain friends with many of those people, some who I now consider mentors and people who I look up to. For the first time in my life, I met agency owners, educators, and other industry professionals who have all come together to make this industry what it is now and support nannies in their mission to care for children.



There are several resources that I have personally taken advantage of, They are mentors, articles, exams, and classes.

  • Mentors. There is no substitute for experience. INA has a plethora of seasoned nannies as well as other industry professionals who are happy to share their insights on the industry.
  • Articles on recommended practices and industry standards.
  • The Basic Skills Exam and the Credential Exam. These two tests are designed to showcase your skills to potential agencies and families. I am very proud to say that I am an INA credentialed nanny.
  • Access to industry specific classes and articles



When you join INA you are automatically eligible for a conference discount as well as discounts on the basic skills and credential  exams. In 2013, The top reason I joined the INA was to receive the conference discount. I knew I wanted to go to the conference, and it was $100 cheaper if you were a member. Membership was $45 so you saved $55 for being a member.

5.) Exclusive Job Board

I have been very fortunate that over the last few years, finding nanny positions has been fairly  easy for me. Personally, I haven’t needed to go though the job board but I have always felt like it is a safety net if I ever I need it. You have to be an INA member to access the job board so it shows me that the agencies posting are looking educated professional nannies. I consider myself to be an educated professional nanny.


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