Follow the kids!


This image just popped up in my memories and I was taken back to life with this four year old. For months on end all he wanted to do was go to the beach and dig in the sand. He told me he needed to dig to the center of the earth because that is where the dinosaur bones were.

As a planner, I typically have my whole year worth of themes planned out by January. Digging for dinosaur bones was not on my list of themes for April. Sometimes all the planning in the world goes out the window in the favor of follow the kids interests. We went to the dollar store,got some supplies, and spent hours upon hours looking for the dinosaur bones. We also bought books and dinosaur figures to play with and learned about the letter D.

As nannies we need to be able to be flexible and meet kids where they are.  Following their interest will maximize what they are able to learn from us what we bring for them to explore. On the flip-side, if  a child is disinterested in what we bring, they won’t get anything out of it.

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